If, for any reason other than preference, you do not have a positive experience with any of our sticks, let us know through our Contact Page and we will replace it. As a handmade product, a small number of cigars may have a defect which is not obvious to us before it leaves our building. Everyone who has smoked cigars with any regularity knows that, even with the most expensive cigars, defects appear. It is the nature of the beast. If the problem can’t be resolved with some of the tricks of the trade, then you let us know and we will replace it. If you can send a photo of the stick so we can see, that will help us know what to look for. You can upload a photo through our Contact Page. We want your experience with Founders to be as pleasant as it can be.

We strive to bring you quality handmade cigars that are in good condition when they get to you. Cigars, however, do have a shelf life if they are not properly stored.