Why do we care so much about community?

You might wonder why we put such an emphasis on community. Practically speaking, community is everything. We were never made to live our lives out in isolation. We were made to live and function in communities. Community is how we navigate personal and work life. Community allows us to get out of our own heads and process with people who are in a better position to see into our situation. We are so vocal about community because many places are trying to separate us from each other. So many people and organizations make money with sensationalized headlines spewing hate and division. The reality is that in the last years, so many neighbors and people came together to support each other and get through this crazy time. We believe that community can be the difference between life and death. 

Having someone or a group that can speak life into your situation can help stop the downward spiral. Suicide is a massive issue worldwide, especially in the veteran community. The current statistic is that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. How many unnecessary losses could be avoided by encouraging people to surround themselves with a healthy community? We tell everyone that we are not a cigar company; we are a community company that happens to have great cigars. We care about community because we truly believe that community saves lives and elevates society. When we are living our lives in health and bringing others up with us, the world has a chance to get a little better.