Founders Cigar Company Appoints Houssam Yaacoub as Broker to Represent Nevada Territory

Founders Cigar Company (Founders) is pleased to announce the appointment of Houssam “Sam” Yaacoub as its newest broker, representing the dynamic territory of Nevada. Based in Las Vegas, Houssam brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for cigars to his role.

With a professional background in organizational management and human resources, Houssam holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Management and Human Resources and has over 23 years of experience managing HR departments across various industries and providing HR consultancy services. Despite his professional background, Houssam’s journey into the world of cigars began over 15 years ago with a fascination for Cuban cigars, sparking a quest to discover the perfect blend.

Houssam’s passion for cigars led him to share his smoking experiences via his popular Instagram account, @Cigar_with_Style, where he blogs about his journey and interacts with fellow enthusiasts. Through his active presence on social media, Houssam established direct relationships with numerous cigar brand owners, industry leaders, and local lounges in Las Vegas.

Recently transitioning into the role of a cigar broker, Houssam brings his expertise and industry connections to Founders Cigar Company, along with his commitment to delivering exceptional service and representing premium cigar brands. In addition to Founders Cigars, Houssam collaborates with another prominent brand, further enriching his portfolio and enhancing his ability to cater to the diverse preferences of cigar enthusiasts.

“We are delighted to welcome Houssam Yaacoub to our team of brokers,” said Angelo, Co-Owner at Founders Cigar Company. “His passion and knowledge for cigars is clear in his online cigar posts. Having someone with Houssam’s professionalism and passion for the industry is an invaluable asset. We are committed to finding passionate regional cigar lovers to add to our growing sales team, and Houssam embodies those characteristics.”

Houssam’s appointment highlights Founders Cigar Company’s dedication to expanding regional representation and providing exceptional service and premium cigar offerings. This move also reflects the company’s commitment to partnering with passionate individuals who share its dedication to excellence and community building.

If you are a premium cigar retailer in the Nevada area, email, and we will put you in touch with Houssam “Sam.”

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